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Mistakes with Incident Descriptions

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that I was contacted regarding a mistake in a soldier's incident description that turned out to be the result of a bug in my map-making program.

This problem erroneously assigned an incident description of "Died of a non-combat related injury" to servicemen and women who actually have blank incident descriptions on Faces of the Fallen (my main source for descriptions for US troops).

This problem was introduced as an unintended side-effect of my desire to respect the privacy of families who's loved ones have taken their own lives. As described in my original post, in those cases I use the very common "Died of a non-combat related injury" description which is widely found throughout the map for those people that died of things like illnesses and accidents. A small programming error was the cause of the problem, it has been fixed and I have and uploaded new description pages for all the affected soldiers. Now, in the cases where Faces of the Fallen doesn't have a description, I simple say "Incident description from Faces of the Fallen is unavailable."

I sincerely apologize for any pain and frustration this may have cause those of you who's loved ones mistakenly had this description applied to them.

Please understand that his is a work in progress, and when working with such a wide range of information, there are bound to be mistakes. I need your help to identify any issues that exist in this project that are a result of mistakes in my own work. Also keep in mind that there are also situations where the information is actually wrong from the source (misspellings, wrong age, etc.). I am also interesting in finding a way to collaborate with these sources to help them correct their own information.

I am very interested in finding an efficient, and scalable way to handle everyone's requests for corrections. As I am only a single person, I can't handle all the requests myself. So once I find a way to properly verify and apply corrections, probably though volunteer efforts, I will open up the correction submission process to you on this website.

If anyone would like to leave their thoughts or comments on this matter, please feel free todo so via the Google Voice account described to the right.

Thanks again for all your support. And I'm deeply sorry if I have caused any pain for frustration.